Hello, Gorgeous

You are absolutely fed up with those unmanageable frizzy curls every morning that persists to make you late for work every single day because a simple flat iron will not do the trick. After all, a flat iron is the enemy of hair because it can break it. You’ve considered a Brazilian blowout but what are the actual effects of it? Does it do more damage than good, one could argue. All you know is, you’ve grown up with a bush of a hair do – Marge Simpson-like and you’re completely over it. Since you were a little girl, all of your mother’s friends told you how beautiful you were with those gorgeous curls and all you though was when the hell you could move out, make money and get rid of them as soon as possible. You wished you were one of those girls who had that perfectly straight and strong hair that didn’t even fall out of place in humidity or in rainy weather. You can’t have it all, or can you?

Heck yes, you can have it all! You don’t like your stomach – go on a diet or get lap band surgery. If you hate your eyebrows, get them shaped. Being beautiful is a process. So what can you do with your hair? Consider visiting a keratin specialist. Keratin is a natural protein in your hair and but clearly you lack the ability to produce straight, smooth hair. By adding a keratin product to your hair that straightens it and then have a glide through with a flat iron, you are giving your hair the ability to seal the straightness. Not only that, it will save you time on blow drying and using a machine to deal with the hair you call a mess. It gets rid of frizz and leaves a smooth, glossy finish.

If you’re thinking of trying one of those home remedies – forget about it. Who knows what rubbish you’re adding to your hair. You need some of the good stuff to protect your hair. By visiting a keratin specialist, you can rest assured that all of the good proteins will be added and strengthen your hair. So, how’s that? You can have your cake and eat it – straight non-frizzy hair and a great treatment. The procedure takes about an hour and a half or more (which is ultimately less time you spend on washing, blow drying and straightening it yourself) and it ends up looking way more professional. Try their services that can truly achieve everything you need go here.

Say bon voyage to that hair that gave you nickname Bushy Bronwyn in school and say hello gorgeous.

Spoiling Your Wife

Spoiling your wife isn’t one of those things that happen every day like changing your underwear or taking a hot shower but maybe it should be done more often. Husbands think that since they are the ones that bring home the bacon they should be the ones that should be spoiled the whole time but in reality some men don’t realize all the hard work that a wife has to endure when you are not around. Apart from your wife being employed she is generally the one making sure that the kids are kept in order or whether the groceries have been bought.

The first step in spoiling your wife is making that she knows she is appreciated in the house. Sometimes sending her to a day spa once in a while isn’t enough she wants something done by the entire family because she knows very well that it is all the husbands doing and not the children, sometimes the kids don’t even know their mum is going at all. Once you have your entire family involved make sure everyone adds a little extra something of their own to whatever you guys are doing. Make sure everyone adds their personality to whatever you got planned for your wife so she knows she is being appreciated by the entire family and not just you. Try and make it a surprise especially when she is at the peak of exhaustion or is about to break down into an emotional wreck. If you feel that is happening it is time to pull out the big guns and make her feel like she is the most important person in the family.

If you do think that the day spa is the best bet for your wife then go right ahead. Sometimes women need some time alone and away from their families once in a while and the best thing for her is to get pampered and being surrounded by other women of similar age. However, when she returns she expects to be relaxed and not have to come back to the problems as when she left so the husband needs to take some responsibility when she leaves for the spa and make sure everything she tells you to do while she was away was being done. Link here http://www.yoursanctuary.com.au/hair for more information about this salon that offers comfort combined with relaxation that is perfect for your beautiful wife.

Whichever way you decide to spoil your wife just make sure she is feeling appreciated and that all her hard work is not being an un-noticed and if she carries on being the perfect mother and wife she will never have to feel unappreciated again.

Find Out Why Salons Cannot Operate Without Hairdressers

Grooming, treating and styling the hair are the main offerings of beauty salons, followed by other services such as cosmetic application and make-up, massages, facial services, manicure, pedicure, and anything related to beautifying and enhancing one’s well-being. Hair-related services being the primary services of beauty salons, such establishments need a hairstylist to operate. Check out this website to find out more!

Hairstylist, also called hairdresser, is a person whose expertise is styling the hair through precision cutting and coloring. The hairstylist also specializes in various chemical hair treatments such as digital perming, hair straightening, and hair rebonding. Eliminating damaged hair is also one of the sough-after services of a hairstylist. In other words, the hairstylist’s expertise involves giving the hair a makeover to maintain the beauty and health of his clients’ crowning glory. 

A hairdresser is an important figure in the salon industry. In fact, a salon business will never flourish in the absence of a hairstylist. It cannot be denied that the majority of clients go to the salon for a hair makeover; therefore, the expertise and unmatched service of the hairstylist make the establishment in-demand. The skills of a hairstylist are of wide-range, and some of the most sought after services are the following:

Hair cutting

Hair digital perming

Hair straightening or rebonding

Hair coloring or hair dying

Hair extensions or hair lengthening

Hair styling for special occasions

Hair cutting, particularly precision cutting, remains as the core skill of hairdressers. Only professional hairdressers can match the cut and style the hair with his client’s persona and physical attributes, such as shape of the face, the length of the neck, and overall body built. He knows what hair color or shade perfectly matches the client’s skin tone and eye color. He has the know-how in mixing the chemicals used in hair treatments, and he knows very well how to use the tools and operate the machines involved in his job. Most importantly, the hairstylist has to know the latest hair trends and is not afraid to include it in the styles he is already comfortable of creating. When it comes to styling the hair, the hairstylist has a vast knowledge of the following:

The different curls, such as the size and the waves, that flatter the client

The different styles of cutting short hair

The different ways on how to style long hair

The color mixes that enhances the aura of his client

The hairstyle that goes with the shape of the client’s face

The style that is suitable to the lifestyle of his client

How To By The Right Engagement Ring Discretely

When you summon up the courage and decide to propose to your loved one, you now know it is time to get the ring. Although you can do it with any kind o f ring, you want this one to be special. You want a special ring that you will be proud to offer to your girl. It can even help you with some of the terror you feel inside about making the proposal.

However before buying the ring there are a couple of things you need to know. These are the things that will guide you in getting the right halo engagement rings. Look at this site if you are looking for a perfect halo engagement ring for her.

Know what she likes

After being with your girls for all this while, you should have an idea about the kind of things she likes. Just from the way she dresses and the kind of things she buys, you can get an idea of the kind of ring she will love. For example, if you know she loves buying designers, then you can be sure she will be expecting an expensive ring for her engagement.

How do you know her size?

You can decide to go on a guessing game and get a ring that you think would fit. There is no problem with this as you can have an arrangement with the jeweler who will be all to ready to resize the ring. On the other hand, if she already wears rings, you can discretely take one of her rings to the jeweler. Remember to bring it back if you don’t want your little secret busted before time.
While getting here the right ring that will put a smile on her face is important, you also have to be thinking about where to make the ring. There are many jewelers around that will be willing to take on this job. You have to start searching for the right jeweler early so that you get the right ring when you want. This is important is you are having the ring custom made. If however, you will be buying one of the shelf, all you may need to do is to walk into a shop with a ring size or that her ring that you stole and ask to be given a ring in that size.

When getting the ring, you will hope against all odds that the lady in question will like what you chose. However, you may not know as she may be courageous enough to voice it or if she is really one of those prima donnas, only the look on your face should be telling enough. That said remember that you can always go back to your jeweler to resize a ring or get another one. However, you should have been given a guarantee at the time of buying to take advantage of this offer

The Various Hair Types And Their Defining Characteristics

Hair is basically a filament made of protein molecules that have a basic cellular unit called a follicle which can be found deep in the dermis of the skin. Hair is considered a defining characteristic and one of the basic criteria when we speak of beauty in terms of fashion. Some refer to hair as a person’s “crowning glory” because of its aesthetic contribution to the physical look.

The hair can be styled in different in a lot more ways than one, but one of the most important aspect yet to be considered when choosing a hairstyle is the hair type. And every type of hair has its own specific and special caring methods.

Some of the most common hair types are as follows:

• The KINKY hair type or the Type 4 hair. This hair type has very tight curls with very evident curl patterns but with a crochet needle-like circumference. This type of hair needs extra care because they are very fragile because they are very tightly coiled. Kinky hair also has a very wiry texture. The huge numbers of strands are packed together very densely. The strands of the type 4 hairs can vary from fine to coarse. This type of hair are more prone to damage because it has lesser cuticle layers compared to other hair types; they can easily be damaged by simple brushing, curling and blow drying. And they can be severely damaged if subjected to hair straightening.

• The Curly Kinky Hair or the Type 3c hair. This may sometimes be classified as a subtype of the kinky type of hair and the curly hair. Here, the curls are much bigger and the texture is finer than that of the Kinky hair type. Some people subject their hair of this type to blow during just to add some style, but this is possible compared to the type 4.

• The Curly Hair type or the Type 3 hair. The curls of this hair type have the loopy “S” well-defined pattern and it has more body compared to the other hair types. The curls can be temporarily straightened using a blow dryer or a hair iron or it can undergo chemical hair straightening process. Some people may think that this type has a coarse texture, but when you look closely, it is soft and fine.

• The Wavy hair or the Type 2 Hair. This type also has the “s” pattern and are more bonded to the head which makes it unable to naturally bounce even when cut with a layered hairstyle. To give it a little more body, it’s better to air dry the hair and do not use a brush, but instead use a wide-toothed comb.

• The Naturally Straight Hair. This type of hair falls freely from the scalp and they are softer and shinier. Having a naturally straight hair requires very low maintenance; it just has to be shampooed regularly and applying some moisturizer is better to maintain its silkiness.

How To Store Hair Extensions

When not in use, reusable hair extensions should always be stored with love and care. Ensuring that they are stored correctly and in a clean environment will make sure that you don’t get any nasty surprises when you come to put them back in, as well as making sure that their condition remains immaculate.
WashingWhether you have synthetic or best shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions, it’s important to thoroughly wash them with a specially designed cleansing product, or a good brand of hair shampoo before you store them away. A good washing will ensure that any dirt caught in them will be removed, and that they will be left in perfect condition ready for you to put back in.
DetangleDetangling your hairpieces before you store them is important, as tangled and knotted hair extensions could become worse when locked away. If your extensions are quite long, it might be a good idea to detangle them with some spray conditioner and a soft bristle brush before you take them out, as it’ll be easier to finish detangling them when you do. You can detangle your hair extensions before or after you wash them, and whether you choose to detangle them wet or dry will depend on how tangled they are and which would be easier for you. In either case, remember to be gentle, and use your fingers for stubborn knots to reduce breakage.
DryIt’s important that you allow your removable hairpieces, whether they are synthetic or tape hair extensions Melbourne wholesale to thoroughly dry after you have washed them. The amount of time that your hair extensions will take to dry is dependent on their type and thickness, however it’s more beneficial to allow them to dry naturally. If you don’t have the time to dry them naturally before storing them, use a low setting on a blow dryer.
StorageNever store your hair extensions out of a container or in a dirty area. It’s always best to put them into a small, airtight container and out of direct sunlight as this will preserve them and keep their condition at its best. A good option for storage is Tupperware food containers as they are small, airtight and plastic. They’re also quite cheap to buy at most grocery stores. If you don’t have a suitable container, they should be OK in a plastic bag, but make sure it’s a suitable size and that they don’t get squashed in storage.

How To Pick The Best Quality Double Edge Safety Razor?

There are some disposable razors available in the market that are cheap and made of plastic. But there are some double edge traditional safety razor blades which are enjoying great popularity in the market. These razors provide close, smooth shave and you can get it only with traditional safety razor. They are made with high quality metal and have solid handle. They are also topped with double edged blade and are ultra thin. A guard protects the blade which minimizes the risks of cuts. Hence, these blades are safer than their straight counterparts. A knockout post on how to pick the best quality double edge safety razor. 

There is no lack of different types of razors in the market. So, you should consider the size, style, weight and features to buy beard oil Australia a high quality safety razor. With the quality of share, the size, shape and weight of the handle of the razor have many things to do. You may choose any razor which is easy to handle and compact. Quality matters when it comes to choose razors as well as safety razor blades. You will definitely use it more and ask for more if you feel good while using it. You can find different designs of safety razors and they come in different vintage looks.

These razors may look shallow or funky. It’s all up to you to improve your shaving experience. In addition, you should choose the razor which looks good in your hands. If you feel more “manly” while using the razor and you like its look, you will definitely enjoy using it and it will ultimately give you great experience in getting the wet comfortable shave. You can also adjust a lot of safety razors along with the number of blades used along with the closeness of shave as well. If you want to grow your beard in several lengths, you can adjust the settings and its range.

You also have to look for replacement blades of different model or brands because safety razors also need it. You may have to use stainless steel blades in some razors. On the other hand, you may use titanium or carbon blades in other razors. The expected life span of double edge safety blade is around a week. So, you have to replace it on timely basis, according to your shave pattern. You may easily replace blades in some razors. You may go for fixed head razor or the one which pivots. Generally, it is up to your skin, shape of face, your beard, and your own choice. With pivoting heads, razors are known to deliver accurate shave with fewer cuts and nicks. Make sure to choose high quality and comfortable razor which suites best to your face and skill level. This way, you can enjoy close, super-smooth shaves for several years.

Tips On Recovering From Childbirth

Childbirth is a huge strain on a woman’s body, from the back pain, weight gain, stitches to the adapting to breast feeding, it is a lot of work. Even before you give birth there are a lot of change sin your life, for example, there’s financial stress, the stress of getting everything ready and having to deal with all of the hormones that come with pregnancy. Your body gets stretch and manipulated and loses its original form and shape. You may be left feeling down about the way you look after childbirth, but there is hope out there for you.

Take care of yourself

After nine months of stressing and going through various degrees of pain, it is important to take some time off and to relax. After a while, you might start to feel overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that come with taking care of a baby.Taking time off does not just mean taking time off from work, it also means that after an appropriate period of time has passed you need to take time off from your baby. After a few weeks of your baby being home, you should plan a day of relaxation either by yourself or with a friend or family member. Make sure that whatever you plan to do on this day is not any sort of vigorous exercise, as that will take a toll on your body even further. You can book a day at the spa and give your body some much needed relaxation in a stress-free environment. You can also just a book a couple of nights in a hotel room, catch up on your sleep and get some much needed rest. If you are feeling insecure about the way that you look, you can visit your local skin clinic and inquire about cellulite reduction. If that is too drastic for you, you might want to consider adopting a healthier diet and exercise regiment. If you have too many stretch marks or scars from stitches, you might want to consider applying some cocoa butter on your skin to get rid of the scars. Know more about skin clinic in Sydney from you-bysia experts.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Everyone knows that whether you are a first time mother or you have given birth before, it is tough to take care of a newborn baby, as they are typically quite demanding and fussy. So, do not be afraid to ask for help from those that are close to you and can understand your struggle. You might think you are not a good mother for wanting to pass on some of the responsibilities onto someone help, but just keep in mind that this is perfectly natural, as most new mothers are overworked and stressed. You can schedule a full day where you get to take some time off, perhaps go shopping or even take a nap, while the person who has agreed to take care of your baby stays with the baby. You can even schedule for them to come over at night so you can have a good nights rest. Learn more here.